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The Office of Information Technology provides enterprise IT solutions to the State of Alaska. Our vision: One Government, empowered by innovative technical collaboration. Our aim: Reduce complexity, improve efficiency, and encourage creativity in order to securely provide better government services to all Alaskans.

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September 1, 2021

Multi-Factor Authentication

OIT Service Catalog

Browse our catalog to learn about the services OIT provides and discover which service meets your needs best.

Communications And Collaboration

Communications & Connectivity

OIT provides a wide range of services to support effective and efficient communication. Services include…

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Applications

OIT provides an extensive offering of tools, applications, and services that increase capacity and promot…

End User Services

IT Support Services

OIT provides IT support to State employees in a variety of ways. Services include the AlaskaNow OIT Porta…

Policy And Governance

Policy and Governance

OIT provides standards and policies that guide IT investment across the State of Alaska to support agenci…

Consulting Services

Consulting & Customized Services

OIT provides consulting services on a limited basis that is determined by the specific agency or Departme…

Information Security

Information Security

OIT provides 24x7 information security and support across the State of Alaska environment through securit…

Platform as a Service

Platform as a Service

OIT offers a shared multitenant Platform on a subscription-based licensing model, providing for efficienc…

Application Hosting

Hosting & Storage

OIT’s hosting services provide the backbone for all applications and databases in the State of Alaska ent…

Service Catalog Definitions

Service Catalog Definitions

OIT’s service catalog provides an introductory overview of the services provided by OIT to the Department…

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