Web Waivers

Web Waivers

The State of Alaska uses web filtering to reduce the growth of bandwidth costs, protect employees and the State of Alaska from vulnerabilities and liabilities. 

Web Waiver Resources

Some resources may require login with SOA credentials or SOA network access.

A web waiver is required to obtain access to otherwise prohibited internet websites when there is a business requirement for the exception. 

State Security Office (SSO) Information Security Policy that apply to Web Filtering (forward proxy) and Waiver process

Web Waiver FAQs

How do I apply for a web waiver?

  1. Download the Web Waiver application packet (instructions and application form) provided by your Department. Many of the links below are only available from within that department's network. Departments may use a ticketing system-based waiver process vs. a forms-based process. Please use the Department of Administration form if your department has not specified one.
  2. Optional: Include the Online Storage Waiver Form to request to use online storage, file transfer or file synchronization.
  3. Apply for a Web Waiver via your Department IT Helpdesk.
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