Printing and Scanning While Teleworking

Printing and Scanning While Teleworking

The State of Alaska (SOA) has identified multiple options to print and scan work documents while teleworking. Guidance about these scenarios is provided below. SOA’s current teleworking policy does not allow taking home printers and scanners. Departmental management waivers are required for the non-recommend options. The options here are not meant to supersede any departmental guidance.

Contact your Department Technology Officer (DTO) if you have additional questions.

Before printing any sensitive or controlled information please contact your Department Technology Officer (DTO) or your manager for your department's guidelines, statutes, and/or regulations. In general, printed documents containing sensitive or controlled information must be placed in a secure location and either returned to the appropriate office location or destroyed in accordance with the appropriate document handling procedures and standards. All documents that are printed and classified as records must be maintained per the State Records procedures.

Recommended Option

Option A: Using your SOA desktop/SOA laptop without a printer or scanner

1. Save the document as a PDF or print the document to PDF.
2. Use Adobe Acrobat or DocuSign if you need to fill out or sign the document.
3. DocuSign Tip: Use "send an envelope" in DocuSign and make yourself the first recipient.

Not Recommended

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