Service Catalog Definitions

Service Catalog Definitions

Service Catalog Definitions

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OIT’s service catalog provides an introductory overview of the services provided by OIT to the Departments of the State of Alaska. It is intended to describe the broad scope of OIT’s currently active lines of service. Updates to the service catalog will occur no less than once annually but may occur more frequently as lines of service evolve, or as new lines are defined and added to OIT’s service portfolio.


Service - A service available to Departments through the Office of Information Technology. Note: Some State of Alaska Departments do not yet provide access to all OIT services to their departmental users. Non-enterprise services that exclusively support business functions of a Department (line of business) are not included in the OIT service catalog.

Service Line - A group of related services. 

Service Level - One or multiple service levels may be available within a service line depending on the specific service and the geographical location. Service levels are typically distinguished by service availability, monitoring, and response time. 

  • Standard - The standard level of service availability. Where only one service level is available, it will also be referred to as standard.
  • Plus - A higher level of service availability. Depending on the service and geographical location, the “Plus” level may be the only level available for a specific service.

Cost Model - How Departments pay for the service. 

  • Core Services Bundle - The core rate Departments pay on a per-PCN (position control number) basis.
  • Per Device/By Usage - Departments pay based on usage/device.
  • Add-On - An additional service Departments may pay for on a usage basis.
  • Passthrough Cost - Departments reimburse OIT based on OIT expenditures related to the delivery of the service.


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Wireless Network

Secure Wireless Networks are available through OIT. Support for a secure wireless network.

  • Routers
  • Installation
  • Support

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